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TechXellence 2023

by Torsten Kruse

The recently concluded TechXellence Training Summit was a resounding success, bringing together industry leaders, seasoned professionals, and educators to foster a vibrant exchange of knowledge and innovation. This was the first summit of its kind and we were thrilled to welcome more than 100 participants, individuals who share a passion for advancing training and education within our industry. There were several presentations, an engaging panel discussion, and plenty of networking opportunities.

TechXellence presentation

Torsten Kruse, along with other distinguished speakers, guided attendees through the dynamic landscape of emerging technologies, industry best practices, and the ongoing evolution of automation and digitalization. The attendees actively engaged in the panel discussions on the following topics:

  1. “Staying Ahead of the Curve – The Role of Technology in the Future”: As machines grow smarter, so too must humans adapt and work more intelligently. This paradigm shift will free human counterparts to focus on complex problem-solving, resulting in improved speed, precision, and quality control within manufacturing.
  2. “Accessing the Youth – Changing the Image of Plastics”: Recognizing the crucial roles of parents and schools in shaping students’ educational paths towards the workforce, a shift in perception is imperative. Manufacturing should be portrayed as an exciting, creative, and high-tech field, dispelling any outdated stereotypes.
  3. “Meeting The Future Needs of The Workforce Through Education”: Acknowledging the diverse job roles within manufacturing, each with its unique educational and skill prerequisites, access to university programs is paramount for nurturing engineering and management talent. The industry must continually adapt and expand skill sets, fostering a workforce motivated by growth opportunities.

The summit ended with a call to action. We need to establish a solid foundation and a clear roadmap aimed at nurturing partnerships and assembling teams to tackle training and education challenges within the industry.


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