Certification IconCertification Levels

The “Circle of Knowledge” certification program is comprised of five levels, including a Master “Circle of Knowledge” Expert level. Each level consists of multiple lessons on various topics, including Molding Fundamentals, Polymer Materials, Part Design, Mold Design, and Processing. Other sections focus on Molding Defects, Special Processes, and Art-to-Part. Additionally, all lessons contain a quiz to test the trainee’s understanding of the material. Progress can be tracked and monitored by a supervisor to insure satisfactory completion, followed by a final certification test for each level. 

Level 1 

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Level 1 covers fundamental knowledge of the plastic injection molding industry. Training is reinforced with simulations, videos, animations, graphs/charts, and quizzes. Examples use simple molded parts to illustrate a topic and lay the foundation for future understanding of concepts using more complex geometries. Follow this link for more information on Level 1 Certification. 

Levels 2-4 

Topics in Level 2-4 focus on more advanced and complex subjects, building on the foundational knowledge in Level 1. Lessons continue to be multi-faceted with a mix of media to further explore subjects and build knowledge about increasingly complex topics. Levels 2-4 also contain quizzes to test understanding of the material and a final test to complete certification.

Master Level

The Master Expert certification level is available to trainees that have satisfactorily completed the Levels 1-4. This master certification covers all levels from the “Circle of Knowledge” training program.