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We are proud to provide injection molding training to some of the top companies in the plastics industry. Let our customers tell you about their experience with Kruse Training.


I just want to say I appreciate you for helping me out in the beginning when I first started out learning about injection molding. Your explanations during the analyses taught me so much. Also, the training was very good in expanding my knowledge about injection molding. Everything was clear and easy to follow.

Nicolas Brown
SMP Engineering, Inc.

SMP Engineering, Inc., founded in 2004, is a small, vertically integrated multidisciplinary research and development team serving the defense, space and aerospace markets.


I am the Managing Director for a company in Belfast specialising in plastics moulded components and the associated tooling. I purchased the Kruse Training program to access it as we are always looking for quality training material and I was very impressed by the easy to follow format of 10 -15 minute videos. I now plan to put a number of my staff from various departments through the program as there is useful and relevant info for mold designers, toolmakers, process engineers, quality engineers and technical sales. I am excited for Kruse Training to launch level 2 training that I’ve completed and earned my certification for level 1.

Paul Crossen, Managing Director
Crossen Engineering

Crossen Engineering are a leading manufacturer of custom-made metal and polymer parts. 


I was out of injection molding for 10 years.  I was driving a semi-truck and looking for another driving job when Aroplax Corporation called me out of the blue to interview for a processor opening.  I was a processor before I left the industry.  I got the job because of my 15 years of previous experience.  However, I found myself struggling to get back up to speed, to be where I needed to be.  I found Kruse Training and talked to the operations manager, convincing him that I needed to go back to school and Kruse Training was perfect. I was able to do it from work, at my own pace.  The graphics are excellent.  The content was well thought out as it took me through the steps, from the very basic to advanced molding.  I learned things that I never knew before.  These level one courses were paramount in getting me back to where I was before and taught me new information that I use on a daily basis now.  I earned my level one certification and I am looking forward to level two to really help me in my renewed career.
Thank you Torsten Kruse and everyone at Kruse training.

Roger Sawyer, 1st Process Engineer
Aroplax Corporation

Aroplax Corporation serves a diverse spectrum of customers across multiple industries, including OEMs, consumer end products, medical, agriculture, automotive, electronic, recreational, and aerospace.


We have been using the Kruse Training program at Prestige Mold since it launched in 2018. I hold regularly scheduled engineering sessions for our design and molding teams, and the training does what it was intended to do. It educates all levels of experience and leads to collaboration and discussions among our engineers. I have worked closely with Torsten to ensure the content and delivery of the training materials meets our needs and am pleased with the results for our engineering group and the company overall.

Clinton Stark, Engineering Manager
Prestige Mold, Inc.

Prestige Mold is the global manufacturing leader of the highest-quality, competitively-priced precision injection molds. 


As a Project Manager for ALBA Enterprises, LLC with a background in mold making, mold design, and process development Kruse Training has been an amazing asset to have available. Having access for a few months now my thought process as a mold maker has evolved from thinking in steel conditions to understanding plastic conditions. Working in the plastics industry and developing an understanding of “Pellet 2 Part – P2P” is key to a successful molding process. The Circle of Knowledge program highlights the key areas of molding fundamentals, materials, part, mold design, as well as processing. The Kruse Training program is a first-class training program and I look forward to continuing my plastics education with the Kruse Training team!

Michael Dalrymple
ALBA Enterprises

ALBA Enterprises adds value to clients by offering innovative and affordable products, uniquely and individually analyzing each client’s potential application in order to determine suitability of their products, and providing ongoing after-sale support and consultation required for successful execution of a new manufacturing plan.


As Manufacturing Engineer at Ford Motor Company I have worked with Kruse Analysis for several years and rely on Torsten for his experience and insight. That he is now taking his expertise and helping train engineers in our field makes perfect sense. The Kruse Training program takes what Torsten has learned in his years in the injection molding industry and helps new and veteran engineers expand their knowledge and become more well-rounded professionals. Having access for a few months now, I have already referenced and recommended this to many engineers in my company. Taking the knowledge he has gained from Kruse Analysis and developing Kruse Training is simply a “win” for our industry. Having seen that the Kruse Training is a top-notch program, I think it should be a requirement for all new hires at your organization! I can’t wait to get access to level 2 for more lessons.

Jeff Kloberdanz, Manufacturing CAE Engineer
Ford Motor Company


I have been using the Kruse Training program for our engineering team for over a year. As a CAE Application Engineer at Mabe it is my responsibly to ensure each member of the team has an understanding of not only the fundamentals of injection molding but also sees the interconnectivity between polymer materials, part designs, processing, and mold design. I have worked closely with Torsten to ensure the content and delivery of the training materials meets our needs and am pleased with the results for our engineering group and the company overall.

José Luís Moreno Vicencio, CAE Applications Engineer

Mabe is a Mexican-owned, Mexican-based global company which designs, produces, and distributes appliances to more than 70 countries around the world.


As president of Empire Precision Plastics, I have made a commitment to attract and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Training and development programs help us get recognized as an employer of choice and the Kruse Training program provides us with a tool to provide our engineers with these services. The Circle of Knowledge program provides a focused learning approach to key areas of training for our team – from molding fundamentals and polymer materials, to part and mold design, to processing. Having unlimited access to the online program allows our engineers to access the training content they need when they need it and doesn’t require hours or even days away from their tasks. Our people are our greatest asset and we want to continue to invest in them.

Neal Elli, President
Empire Precision Plastics

As Engineering Manager my job is to make sure our team is ready and able to successfully complete their tasks and to achieve the goals of our business. Because the Kruse Training program has short and digestible lessons that are available anytime, my team can easily refresh their knowledge on a key point or learn a necessary piece of information to complete their assigned task. We can integrate training into our engineers’ work day and not send team members out for periods of long and costly training sessions.

Andrew Mastowski, Engineering Manager
Empire Precision Plastics

Empire Precision Plastics specializes in scientific molding, plastic optics, tool build & assembly for medical devices & optical applications. 


Some additional comments from our seminar attendees:

Torsten Kruse leading seminar“Great seminar. It helped me understand mold flow analysis in more detail.”

“The animations and visuals made the material easier to understand. The instructor was passionate and has decades of experience in the plastics industry.”

“It is a great product for the plastics industry. Thank you to Torsten Kruse, Nathalie Fischer and to all who worked on it.”