System Requirements

The lessons should work on most modern devices and browsers, but will work best on Desktop computers. The larger screens provide for a more comfortable experience, and desktop browsers are known to have less bugs than their mobile counterparts.

Likewise, although the lessons can be viewed on a mobile network, it is not recommended (you can be charged extra for the larger files, and mobile networks are not particularly fast).

For better performance, it’s recommended that you use a wired internet connection. The recommended browser for optimal performance is Google Chrome. 

If encountering technical issues in the playback of lessons, please make sure that your computer/phone/device is updated to the latest version.

We have designed and tested the site with the following software and systems:

  • Windows 11
    • Chrome
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Firefox
    • MS Edge
  • Mac OS (Sierra)
    • Safari
    • Firefox
    • Chrome
  • Android tablets & phones (5.0 or later)
    • Chrome (latest)
  • iPhone & iPad (iOS 10 or later)
    • Safari (latest)

Known Issues

We’ve done our best to make the site as bug-free as possible, but if you do encounter any issues, please use the form below: