How much does a subscription cost?
The yearly cost for a subscription depends on the number of users. The rates are as follows:

  • 1 user: $1,800
  • 2-5 users: $1,250 per users
  • Over 5 users: $1,250 for the first users ($6,000) plus $500 per additional users.

Our pricing structure is available here.

Can I buy one subscription and share it with my team?
Yes, we do have companies that purchase one “supervisor” subscription to train their teams. In this situation we only provide one log-in account, so this is not be an appropriate option if someone is seeking certification. Individual user accounts are required for certification eligibility.

Why is it less to subscribe after the first year?
We want to encourage our customers to stay with Kruse Training. Our database continues to grow as we add new lessons and levels, so the program is becoming more robust as we move forward. The reduced renewal rate is an incentive to our existing clients to keep learning!

Can I subscribe for less than one year?
Yes. We are also offering a six-month subscription option for $900. Please contact sales@krusetraining.com if you are interested in this option.

How many lessons are in each level?
There are 70 lessons in level 1. The number of lessons will vary throughout the development phase for each additional level.

How long are the lessons?
The lessons videos range from 10 to 15 minutes.

What order do I watch the lessons in?
Although there is no specified order for the lessons, we developed the content, so they naturally flow from one section to the next. The lessons within each section are numbered but can be viewed consecutively or individually in any order. The order for Level 1 sections is:

  1. Molding Fundamentals
  2. Polymer Materials
  3. Part Design
  4. Mold Design
  5. Processing

How can I get certified?
Certification will be awarded to individuals that have viewed all 70 Level 1 lessons and successfully complete a final certification exam. Follow this link for more details on the certification process and requirements.

 How many questions are in the certification test?
There are 100 multiple choice and true/false questions on the certification test.

What percent do I need to get right on the certification test to pass?
A passing score of 80% correct is required for certification. Kruse Training Certification is awarded in three degrees, depending on your final grade:

  • 96-100% Master Certification
  • 90-96% Gold Certification
  • 80-90% Silver Certification

What happens if I fail the certification test? Can I retake it?
You will be eligible to retake the certification after 6 months from the date you initially take the test.

What do I get if I finish the lessons and pass the certification test?
You will receive a printable personalized certificate in your email box from Kruse Training. The certificate will indicate which degree of certification you received based on your test score.

Do you have the program available in any other languages?
Yes, we currently offer Kruse Training in Mandarin (simplified Chinese). Certification is not currently available but is in development. Please contact us if you would like to discuss other languages for future development.

I’m interested in subscribing to Kruse Training but need to present something to my supervisor. Do you have any downloadable materials? 
Yes, we have a printable overview of the program that you can submit to your manager. Download it here.