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Lesson 7: Soap Case Part

The injection molding process is a complex and scientific manufacturing process that requires a thorough understanding of cause-and-effect behavior. This lesson focuses on the development and execution of a process development strategy for a soap case part.

In this lesson you will learn: the step-by-step approach to achieving target part flatness and cycle time goals; how lowering mold temperature can reduce overall shrinkage behavior; why clamp tonnage curves keep rising when pack pressure is maintained; and how to set up a decaying packing profile to avoid overpacking near the gate and to reduce molded-in stress.

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Soap Case

Learn the necessary steps to successfully execute a process development strategy. Continue to build your own Circle of Knowledge lesson by lesson. 

Goals of Molding Process Development (Level 2): 

  • Learn the basic steps to prepare and set-up a molding cell
  • Understand and implement pre-process development steps
  • Prepare a mold for optimal functionality

Section Description: 

Plastic injection molding is a complex scientific manufacturing process that requires a methodology for setting-up a robust molding process. This section outlines a step-by-step guide that can be adapted to any new molding process development project.

Length: Lessons are approximately 15-20 minutes long each

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