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Lesson 8: Crate Mold

The injection molding process requires understanding of cause-and-effect and interactive molding behavior. In this lesson we will continue to apply theoretical molding process development information to an actual part. This lesson focuses on the development and execution of a process development strategy for single cavity storage crate mold.

In this lesson you will learn: the step-by-step approach to achieving target cycle time and clamp tonnage goals; how one- and two-speed set-up processes decay injection flow speed and impact clamp tonnages; and how both flow speed during filling and packing pressure have a significant impact on pressure and clamp tonnage development.

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Crate Mold

Learn the necessary steps to successfully execute a process development strategy. Continue to build your own Circle of Knowledge lesson by lesson. 

Goals of Molding Process Development (Level 2): 

  • Learn the basic steps to prepare and set-up a molding cell
  • Understand and implement pre-process development steps
  • Prepare a mold for optimal functionality

Section Description: 

Plastic injection molding is a complex scientific manufacturing process that requires a methodology for setting-up a robust molding process. This section outlines a step-by-step guide that can be adapted to any new molding process development project.

Length: Lessons are approximately 15-20 minutes long each

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