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Lesson 8: Warpage Due to Differential Cooling

Part designs are complex 3D shapes that can have various wall thicknesses and other functional features, such as ribs, bosses, gussets, and through holes. These complex designs are challenging to cool inside a mold and can result in warpage due to differential cooling. Various factors must be taken into consideration when trying to achieve uniform cooling, including cavity layout, steel selection, and waterline layout. In this lesson, we will focus on waterlines and water temperature.

This lesson covers why uneven mold temperature can cause a part to warp, but a uniform temperature will lead to a dimensionally stable part, that the mold is a heat exchanger — whatever heat goes into the mold must be removed with temperature-controlled water, and that waterline set-ups play an important role in achieving acceptable part warpage.

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Warpage Due to Differential Cooling Play Screen

Begin with the basics! Learn what happens inside a mold during the injection molding process. Build your own Circle of Knowledge lesson by lesson. 

Goals of Molding Fundamentals: Inside the Mold (Level 1): 

  • Learn the fundamentals of what goes on inside a mold during the injection molding process
  • Get a basic understanding of how a molding machine functions and its various components
  • Analyze real-life molded parts and learn the cause and effect behaviors of design and process

Section Description: 
Having the foundational understanding of what happens inside a mold during the injection molding process is key for a successful career in the plastics industry. From part designers to mold designers to process engineers, having a good grasp of these molding fundamentals is essential to designing and produce high quality parts.

Explanations, simulations, cause and effect analyses, and the introduction of various injection molding concepts are covered in this section. The relationship between various factors inside the mold during injection molding are evaluated and analyzed. Fundamental training is important to understand the complex part and mold designs that are commonplace in the injection molding industry.

Recommended For: Entry Level Personnel, All Personnel

Length: Lessons are approximately 15-20 minutes long each

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