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Lesson 5: Balancing Multi-Gated Runner Parts

Modern mold design technology allows part designers to design more complex parts with integrated features. These types of parts may require multiple gates. This lesson focuses on balancing multi-gated runner parts. When designing runner systems for a multi-gated part, achieving a balanced process is important for a successful outcome.

This lesson covers the factors to consider when implementing a multiple gating strategy, how different runner dimensions impact filling behaviors and injection pressures, how to analyze tracer result to see behind the flow-front of a part filling, and how to use a “runner design sensitivity test.”

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Mold Design Balancing Multi-Gated Runner Parts Play Screen

Learn the basics of mold design and how various design elements impact a molded part. Build your own Circle of Knowledge lesson by lesson. 

Goals of Mold Design: Cold Runners (Level 1): 

  • Learn the basics of mold design and how various design elements impact a molded part
  • Learn how to optimize different runner systems to achieve high quality molded parts
  • Analyze real-life simulations and learn to determine optimal outcomes

Section Description: 

Cold runner systems are an important aspect of mold design. By optimizing cold runner shapes and sizes, important molding processes such as pressure drops, polymer shearing, packing and cooling behavior, gate sealing time, and overall cycle time can be made more efficient as well.

Explanations, simulations, cause and effect analyses, and the uses of various design features are covered in this section. Understanding these design features is important because they influence the moldability, function, appearance, and quality of a part.

Recommended For: Entry Level Personnel, All Personnel

Length: Lessons are approximately 15-20 minutes long each

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