NEW IN 2024!  Kruse Training will offer a comprehensive 3-day in-person seminar covering molding fundamentals and common molding defects in injection molding.


Kruse Training seminars are in-person* programs aimed to help develop synergistic teams of cross-trained professionals who can successfully design and mold plastic components. Our seminars are 3-day intensive programs based on the Kruse Training online training solution. The seminars are a comprehensive cross-training initiative for part designers, mold designers, and process engineers.

GET MORE FOR YOUR TRAINING DOLLAR! Upon completing any 3-day seminar, participants receive a 3-month single-user account with unlimited access to the Kruse Training online training program. During this period, users who complete Level 1 lessons and complete a final exam will receive certification from Kruse Training. After three months, participants may sign up for continued access to the online program for more advanced training as it becomes available. By taking advantage of this offer, seminar attendees save 40% over a full-year subscription. 

Topics covered in the 3-day Kruse Training Seminar are:

Day 1: Cause-and-Effect Behaviors in Injection Molding: The original Kruse Training seminar series takes you through real-life molding scenarios to show the cause and effect behaviors of design and process.

Day 2-3: Common Molding Defects in Injection Molding: This new seminar focused on common molding defects and techniques for minimizing or eliminating them

*Senior part designers, mold designers, and process engineers unless otherwise noted. 



Our 2024 Seminar Dates and Locations

  • July 16-18: Salt Lake Community College –
    • Westpointe Workforce Training & Education Center, Salt Lake City, UT
  • November 12-14:
    • Arburg Tech Center, Rocky Hill, CT


Sign up:

Please contact The Turner Group to sign up for the Seminar

July 16-18:  Salt Lake City

Mr. John Ward or Scott Gabbert

Tel: 949-469-8778






icon-testimonialComments from previous seminar attendees:

“Great seminar. It helped me understand mold flow analysis in more detail.”

“The animations and visuals made the material easier to understand. The instructor was passionate and has decades of experience in the plastics industry.”

“It is a great product for the plastics industry. Thank you to Torsten Kruse and to all who worked on it.”


Torsten Kruse Teaching SeminarTorsten Kruse is a highly regarded industry expert in the injection molding industry. Following a successful 10-year career at Arburg, Inc. he formed his own company, Kruse Analysis, in 1995. Since that time, Torsten has worked with vast array of clients from various industries around the globe, providing him with a broad spectrum of experience in molding applications. During his career, Torsten developed customized in-house training courses for injection molders, was featured as a main platform speaker at NPE ’94, and served as a consultant and shareholder in the development of Paulson’s Sim-Tech™ injection molding simulator and DVD-based injection molding training courses. Torsten has also received prestigious certification awards during his career, which he achieved by demonstrating his knowledge of the injection molding process, mold-making materials, and problem solving skills. Through many years of experience, Torsten was able to create simulations and provides recommendations to optimize mold design and manufacturing techniques. Torsten is an expert in providing CAE simulation services to his clients. While still at Arburg, Torsten worked on customers’ injection molding applications, designed and delivered customer-training programs, and headed the internal injection molding applications department. Torsten has since become a well-respected and sought-out educator in simulations software technology, helping train and advise mold making engineers and designers all over the world.