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Lesson 4: Filter Base and Storage Box

In this fourth lesson of this section, we will continue to apply the DOE theories from the first two lessons to real world examples of molded parts. This lesson focuses on a filter housing base and a large storage box. As this section progresses, we will continue to increase the number of process parameters and molding trials, applying DOE theory to reduce the number of runs while helping to maintain part quality.

Topic in this lesson include: how to evaluate various DOE tables and graphs to determine the optimal process for achieving desired part quality factors; how to compare the best and worst process set-ups and their impact on part warpage and flatness; how to establish a DOE strategy for a part with challenging wall thickness distribution; and how to determine whether the part is stable enough to be ejected using a molten core image at the time the mold opens.

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DOE - Filter Base and Storage Box

Learn the necessary steps to successfully execute Design of Experiments (DOE) strategy. Continue to build your own Circle of Knowledge lesson by lesson. 

Goals of DOE (Level 2): 

  • Learn the theory and framework of establishing a DOE strategy and how to apply this knowledge to real-world molding examples
  • Learn the five stages of conducting a DOE strategy and how to utilize various charts and graphs to analyze the data
  • Learn about several design types and how they can be applied to DOE

Section Description: 

Design of Experiments, or DOE, is a powerful mathematical tool that can be successfully applied to areas of new mold trials and to trouble-shoot potentially challenging processes. Experimental design techniques can be utilized by anyone with a fundamental understanding of injection molding. This section covers the fundamentals of DOE and how to apply a DOE strategy for molding quality parts.

Length: Lessons are approximately 15-20 minutes long each

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