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Moldex3D and Kruse Training Collaboration

by Torsten Kruse

This week Moldex3D announced their collaboration with Kruse Analysis on the Kruse Training program.

Kruse Training lessons contain actual molding simulations that reinforce each lesson’s topic. The visually engaging animations are  created using Moldex3D simulation software and provide trainees an opportunity to easily learn and understand basic-to-advanced plastics engineering knowledge and techniques. The goal of Kruse Training is to enable trainees to forecast potential molding problems and excel in their jobs.

Moldex3D simulation example

Simulations are shown in real-time with professional voice-overs and graphics, helping trainees understand and evaluate on-screen animations.  Results are provided, compared, and explained so trainees understand not only the abstract concept of each topic but also the real-life applications.

Moldex3D simulation results

Kruse Training is proud to collaborate with Moldex3D on this groundbreaking program for the injection molding industry. Read the full press release here.

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