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NPE 2018 Recap and Other News

by Torsten Kruse

Almost a month has passed since NPE 2018 ended and aside from catching up on “regular” work (which luckily never ends!), we’ve also been spending time connecting with people we met at the show and integrating all of the great feedback we received into our programs.

The Kruse team at NPE 2018

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What we heard from people over and over: OUR INDUSTRY NEEDS TRAINING. So we are busy developing and adding new content to Kruse Training. We currently have 42 lessons available on the site (in areas of Molding Fundamentals, Polymer Materials, Part Design, and Mold Design) with another 9 coming soon (in Processing). And we are excited that Mandarin translations are underway, as well as Portuguese (Brazilian), and Spanish (Latin American). Stay tuned — we will be making an announcement when they are ready to launch.

Another initiative that we launched is a monthly training tip. “Torsten’s Training Tips” will come out the first week of every month and be accompanied by a video segment from the associated lesson. You can find this month’s tip here on the site or on our LinkedIn page.

This write-up appeared in the Plastics News Daily Report at NPE on May 8, 2018. The Plastics News team does a spectacular job of putting these Q&A’s together and I very much enjoyed reading about many of colleagues in the industry. If you haven’t done so, I highly recommend perusing their Daily Reports to learn some interesting facts about your peers.

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