Individual Certification

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Kruse Training is now offering certification for the successful completion of Level 1 training. Lessons in this level cover topics in the following categories: Molding Fundamentals, Polymer Materials, Part Design, Mold Design, and Processing. The duration for Level 1 lesson videos is generally between 10-20 minutes. Each lesson has an associated 3-question “test your knowledge” quiz available (not mandatory for certification.)


Certification will be awarded to individuals that have viewed all 70 Level 1 lessons and successfully complete a final certification exam.

Lessons are “completed” when the lesson video has been watched to the end. After a video has finished playing you will see it as completed on your “My Progress” page.

We encourage our engineering students to watch all the lessons multiple times to fully understand the content before attempting the final certification exam.

There are several ways to see your progress. The orange arrow on the screenshot below indicates the percentage completed in Level 1. Also, clicking on Level 1 on the right side of the screen drops down a menu of the full lesson list along with a circle showing your status of completion. A green circle indicates the lesson has been fully watched.

progress page for certification

Lessons can be viewed consecutively or individually in any order.

There are 3 “test your knowledge” quiz questions available at the end of each lesson. Answers to the quiz questions will appear after you submit your answers and provide a corresponding slide number for content review. It is recommended that you take these quizzes to ensure your understanding of the material and to familiarize yourself with the format of the final exam. These quizzes may be taken as often as needed and the results are not recorded.


Once you submit the test you will automatically receive your results.


Kruse Training Certification is awarded in three degrees, depending on your final grade:

  • 96-100% Master Certification
  • 90-96% Gold Certification
  • 80-90% Silver Certification

If you received a passing grade Kruse Training will email you a certificate indicating either Master, Gold, or Silver certification and including your name, date of completion, and level.

If you do not receive a passing score on the final test, you will be eligible to retake the test after a 6-month period.

Final Certification Exam*

check markThe final exam is 100 multiple choice and true/false questions.

check markYou will have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

check markAll questions must be answered. If you miss a question you will receive an alert but if you submit the exam with unanswered questions they will be marked as incorrect.

check markAfter you submit the exam you will immediately receive your grade.

check markYou may use the back and forward arrows within your exam window to check your work. Please note that using the back and forward browser arrows will result in resetting the test questions, but not the timer.

check markYou will receive a warning alert when you have 10 minutes left on the timer and again at 5 minutes. Please note that the timer runs out and you have not completed all the questions they will be marked as incorrect.

x-mark  The exam cannot be paused. Once you begin the exam you must complete it within the 90-minute time limit.

x-mark  Do not use the browser back and forward arrows during the exam. Using these arrows will result in losing your answers. Back and forward arrows will be available within your exam window.

*A link to the final certification exam will become available on the “My Progress” page after 100% completion of all lessons.


Completion of the following lessons is required for LEVEL 1 Certification:

Molding Fundamentals: Inside the Mold

Polymer Materials: Material Behavior

Part Design

Mold Design: Gates

Mold Design: Cold Runners

Mold Design: Cooling 

Processing: Filling Phase

Processing: Packing and Cooling

 Processing: Shrinkage/Warpage